October Guadalupe Pilgrimage New Update.

Image by David Ramos

Original Image by David Ramos

Peace of the Risen Christ to you!
   Last week we made the difficult decision to cancel our Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in October 2020. For those who didn't see that announcement, here is the link: October Guadalupe Pilgrimage Cancelled.
    The decision was largely due to our travel company no longer being able to make the necessary reservations in time because of the current COVID-19 pandemic. However, as I said then, when one door is closed, another can be opened, that our God is "a God of surprises", and that in Christ, death no longer has the final say. I can't tell you that I know exactly what the LORD and His Mother have planned for us. But I firmly believe there is a plan.
   I'm writing today because there is now a possibility of still going on pilgrimage to Our Lady's Shrine in Mexico, even as early as October, or perhaps a little later. The group will be smaller, perhaps 10-20 people. Rather than staying in a hotel, we would probably stay in a friary or convent. Other details may also be changed, although with the hope of keeping much of the original itinerary. Nothing is in stone, rather all is in the LORD's hands like clay still being formed.
   For now we are wondering who is hearing the call to go on this Pilgrimage? I ask that if you are hearing this call, or know of someone else who is, that you please let me know by Wednesday, May 13th. You can contact me by email (form below), phone, or letter.
   May the LORD give each of you His peace!
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