Capuchin Friars

TRANSITUS Tuesday October 3, 2019 6PM


Giotto di Bondone, Scenes from the Life of Saint Francis, 4. Death and Ascension of St. Francis (Wikimedia Commons)


Save the date.

As you know, the friars here at St. John’s follow the Rule of Life of St. Francis of Assisi: we are Capuchin-Franciscans.

The Franciscan family has a wonderful tradition, called the Transitus, of celebrating our father Francis’s passage from earthly life to eternal life.

Each year, on October 3rd, the night before Francis’s feast day, it is customary to gather together as a community to remember how Francis lived and how he died.

The liturgy is composed of prayers, readings, and uplifting music.

            You are invited to this unique Franciscan celebration on

Thursday, October 3rd, at 6:00 pm in the Upper Church.

Light refreshments follow.


To learn more about Transitus click the link at