Letter From Fr. John Daya

May 28, 2020

Dear Parishioners of St. John’s,

It is with great joy that I write this letter to you. As you are aware Archbishop Perez as called for the reopening of the churches the weekend of June 6th and 7th. In addition to the long awaited day announcing when the churches would reopen, I have so many other items I want to tell you about; I have missed speaking to you through my weekly bulletin column. I am sure what you will be reading shortly will be of great interest to you.


5:15 pm (Vigil)
8:30 am
10:30 am Livestream
12:30 pm
6:00 pm
7:45 am (LC)
12:05 pm (LC)
5:15 pm (LC)
1:05 pm (LC) Suspended until further notice.
7:45 am (LC)
12:05 pm (LC)

Prayer books will not be available however, if you click on to www.ibreviary.org, you will be able to find evening prayer and daily Mass readings

Requirements we will follow.  Everyone is wear a face mask or covering.

Social distancing: the six foot directive continues.  Directional tape will be placed in the pews and on the floor.



Seating: three persons every other pew (both ends and middle); two persons in the side pews.  Couples and families may sit together.

Reception of Holy Communion will be in the hand; single file in the center of the church and on the right and left sides, which is already our practice due to the narrow aisles.

Singing is not allowed by the congregation. Hymnals will not be available.  Annette DiMedio and Matt Cloran will continue to provide music.  You may bring your own prayer books.

Sanitization:  The upper church will be sanitized after every Mass and other liturgical celebrations.

Mass Intentions being fulfilled.  I want to reassure all those who have scheduled an announced Mass that those Masses have been fulfilled.  Each of us celebrates Mass every day at which the particular intention has been fulfilled.



Contributions and donations have been consistent. Through envelopes being mailed in, on-line and electronic giving, we averaged between $2,600.00 and $4,700.00 weekly; we have also been receiving donations from non-parishioners.

Many folks (parishioners and non-parishioners) have used PayPal which yielded $30,000.00.

We applied for PPP (Payroll Protection Plan), and we were successful.  We were granted $31,000.00 from that fund.

The Endowment Fund continued to receive donations.  We are now at $409,935.22.  I do not know how solid that number is given the stock market performance, but I will know soon and then you will know.

Thank you for your commitment to St. John’s in whatever way you chose to support St. John’s through your financial contributions.



This is bitter sweet.  Fathers Allan and John Paul have been transferred.  Father Allan is now at St. Augustine Friary in Pittsburgh.  Father John Paul is moving on to Borromeo Seminary in Wickliffe (suburb of Cleveland) to be on the formation staff.  His farewell Mass and reception will be announced at a later time.

Welcome Father John McCloskey who was parochial vicar at St. John’s many years ago. He is currently stationed in St. Ambrose in Baltimore.   Father Akolla Etuge who is now at St. Paul Shrine in Cleveland will be coming to St. John’s.



Until further notice, those who feel uneasy and fearful in attending Mass, the dispensation from attending Mass continues to be in effect until further notice.



Collection: you will find a basket at the entrance of the church and on the right and left sanctuary area.  Please drop your contribution in the basket either before or after Mass.

Candles:  for those who wish to light candles, there are four candle locations: in the back of the church at the Blessed Mother’s altar, in the sanctuary area at the Blessed Mother’s altar and at the side window, and in front of the St. Joseph altar in the sanctuary.

Blessed Palm will be available in the back of the church.

Father Allan’s address:  

St. Augustine Friary

221-36th Street

Pittsburgh, PA, 15201


It’s been a great pleasure speaking to you through this letter.  I am looking forward to seeing you in-person at St. John’s.

Thank you for all you do to ensure that St. John’s is “Good News in the Heart of Philadelphia”.

Please stay safe and healthy.  Peace and God’s blessings.

Father John Daya, O.F.M. Cap., Pastor and Pastoral Staff