From The Pastor's Desk

11 December, 2020 09:13

This week I have a couple of friendly reminders.

Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta relic. I am happy to inform you that I was able to obtain a first class relic of Saint Mother Teresa from the Mother Teresa Center of the Missionaries Charity in San Diego, CA. I learned that if a pastor requests the relic for veneration of the faithful in his parish, the request may be granted, and so it was with us. I will keep you informed when we will do this, most likely after Masses on a Sunday morning.

As you are aware we are nearing the end of 2020. In your thinking about gifts for family and friends, I ask that you consider making a Year-End financial gift to St. John’s. Here are several suggestions where you might designate your donation:

– Pastor’s discretion
– Operating budget
– Historical Endowment Fund
– Debt reduction effort

Historical Preservation Endowment Fund


Thank you for all you do for our parish and for your commitment to ensure that

St. John’s is “Good News in the Heart of Philadelphia.” Stay safe and healthy. Peace and God’s blessings for a spiritually renewing Advent Season.

Father John